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Do you lead others or yourself – as a manager or entrepreneur, for example? Then you know what it feels like to perform under pressure. You experience great responsibility and want to meet expectations. This can make you feel alone, experience uncertainty and miss pleasure in your work. Our programs help you develop backbone, the power to live life and be a truly powerful leader for yourself and the people around you.

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Everyone can be a leader, just look around. Each of us is responsible for something. But are you really a leader? Can you encourage the people around you and provide safety? Can you get everyone on the same page and connect people to you and to the company? Do you feel that you are in control? Better knowledge of yourself and the world, with the art of reflection, will make you a better leader.

“Her approach is personal and professional. Fief is a master at getting you out of your comfort zone and letting you take that one step that you would otherwise have easily avoided. ”

– Patricia, business owner and strategic advisor

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Many leaders get lost in details, zoom in instead of out. They are fast and nimble, but also lost and rootless. They’re short on time but still need the time to build a solid foundation for their (working) existence. Many underestimate the extent to which they are in control. Others seem to determine things, or the situation itself takes over. It sometimes feels like you have no say in the matter. The Stoics say: you yourself are the one who provides the interpretation, so you yourself can take control. You can let the situation – forced dismissal or economic loss, for example – determine how you feel or act. Or you can decide for yourself what the next action will be. Personal leadership is about taking control, about the choices you have and see, about zooming out in utter chaos, about dealing with obstacles and resistance and thus developing a strong foundation.

It’s time to zoom out, to gain perspective. Viewing the bustle around you through the lens of Stoic philosophy, among other methods, can provide the needed headspace and breathing space.

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Gedurende drie intensieve, interactieve en praktische dagen ga je aan de slag met de meest effectieve stoïcijnse technieken.