Do you want to achieve real business and personal success and growth as a supervisor, manager, entrepreneur or solo entrepreneur? Want to be at the wheel of your business and live life with pleasure, solidity and vision?

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Do you want to be able to deal with criticism, setbacks and resistance?

Do you want to continue to believe in yourself and your work?

Do want to keep your cool in heated times and moments?

With these programs you work under Fief’s guidance to strengthen your personal foundation. You learn how to be steadfast without becoming rigid, to be decisive without being pushy, to be empathetic without becoming a softie. With her background as an entrepreneur, psychologist and coach, she knows both theory and practice.

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Mentor program

You can schedule a regular meeting once every two weeks or once a month to work on your personal development question. You will be given a tailor-made program with personal sessions and material that you can work with yourself. Fief is available when you need her.

The Macs - Recommended

You can also opt for an intensive 6-month program: The Macs. You go through 6 phases in 6 months, with an one-hour personal session each week. You receive practiacl tools, tips and assignments for daily life.

"From the first conversation it felt good. Fief is open, humorous and gives practical tips and assignments that you can use immediately in daily life. I have gained much more insight into myself. Keywords for her are: openness, realistic and familiar, I would not have chosen another partner."

Peter M., CEO & Business owner flower bulbs company

The Macs
6 months, 6 phases

Phase 1

Develop elite level self-awareness

Phase 2

Build focus and discipline

Phase 3

Learn to master your emotions

Phase 4

Position yourself

Phase 5

Influence others by using your leadership

Phase 6

Develop high-level purpose and drive


If you choose a program with Fief Macrander, you can also opt to become a member of the alumni network – to speak with like-minded people, others in leadership positions and help each other. Care to know more? Send an app or email. Let’s meet and see how the program can help you.

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