Applied Stoic philosophy in my psychology for leaders


Philosophy is important. It can help us lead good lives and become better people while coping with life’s trials. There are all kind of abstract philosophies, but also pragmatic ones, which you can use immediately with the right tools. The principles of Stoicism are very helpful to leaders.

Stoic philosophy has been around for centuries and has proven to be a very helpful tool for people in general and especially for leaders who take their leadership seriously. It is a practical aid for keeping your cool, dealing with pressure, putting things into perspective, connecting with others, and gaining the inner strengh to remain steadfast where necessary.

It is a practical philosophy and answers questions such as:

In short, questions we all struggle with.

That is why I like to use the principles of Stoic philosophy in my work with leaders. Because it allows you, in combination with other perspectives such as psychology and economics, to look over things and see the bigger picture. You broaden your perspective and, from this vantage point, you can discover other possibilities and freedom. And in the end you exert a positive influence on others.

Beyond the madness of everyday life, the past offers grip for the future
A stoic leader knows that he can truly control only his own thoughts and actions. Everything else is ultimately uncontrollable.

From noise
to rest

Looking back at the time of the Stoic philosophers with today’s science naturally gives a beautiful picture. We see answers instead of chaos. No crowds, but space. The past seems so clear and provides guidance. The future also provides a fairly spatial picture. You can still give substance to this. There is still plenty of white space. But when we look around us in the now, we are caught between the past and the future. We mainly see noise, chaos, madness and bustle. Deadlines, responsibilities, piles of work and problems. With the tools from Stoic philosophy you regain control by zooming out. By determining your own position and by recognizing that you have choices. Those choices give you control. From noise to tranquility.

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Gedurende drie intensieve, interactieve en praktische dagen ga je aan de slag met de meest effectieve stoïcijnse technieken.