Fief Macrander psycholoog mentor voor leiders van morgen
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i am fief

I am a psychologist and mentor to tomorrow’s leaders. I have had a practice as a psychologist for over 30 years and have been able to guide many leaders in that time. I recognized myself in many of them. Years ago, as the owner of two companies, I realized that my job was getting less and less satisfying. I read everything I could find about goal setting, meaning, focus and philosophy and applied what I read immediately.

Everything that has helped me, that has brought me to where I am now, has become part of my leadership programs to help you. I can return the overview and lightness to your life and work. I do this together with a bunch of age-old stoic philosophers. I use philosophy as a tool to provide hand-holds among today’s excesses. An absolute support that has brought much to me and others.

My insight

For years I had a coaching and therapy practice. Don’t get me wrong, I did the work with pleasure. But I started to experience it increasingly as “hurrying”. You might say: it shouldn’t be difficult for a psychologist to interpret this, right? Still, this took some time. My enormous passion for the profession was undiminished, but I was clearly ready for a next step. And it came unexpectedly from a good conversation I had with a total stranger.

My adventures found their way into the conversation. I told him that I had worked in the largest prison in Suriname after completing my studies. On the property I had a small consultation room where I spoke to the male offenders. Without surveillance. Yet I have never been afraid. Naive? Perhaps. I figured fear wouldn’t help me. When I said it like that – maybe a little hypothermic – the other one shouted: “Well, you treated that in a pretty stoic way!” And BAM, that one word, stoic, took my breath away. From that moment on I have completely immersed myself in the Stoics and their philosophy. And with those stoic insights under my belt, the course really changed and the beginning of the leadership programs was born.

you need a foundation to navigate through life
from noise to peace

Most people who start a program with me want to go from a to b, as soon as possible. Just check with yourself. You probably want to be helped quickly and arrive at your destination. You have a problem and are looking for the solution. Most people are impatient in today’s fast-paced world. In my programs you will be provided with tools for finding peace and space. Tools to regain control.

Fief Macrander psycholoog mentor voor leiders van morgen

my philosophy

We live in a time of great change, turmoil and movement. In addition to these constant, often natural dynamics, being able to stand still and know where you stand in life is a way of maintaining balance. And that provides you with self-knowledge, resilience, steadfastness, tranquility, confidence and overview.

Standing still also gives you new ideas and perspectieves to see yourself, situations and the world from multiple perspectives.

Historical and philosophical awareness can help you with this. Such as asking philosophical questions and applying philosophical techniques in order to be able to make conscious choices. It’s a way to grow and move forward.

When we invest in personal development, we can be better leaders and also relate better to each other. Ultimately, this will lead to a better world.